Planning for regular maintenance from rejuvenation transforms an expense into an asset. This pavement preservation investment in the property saves millions of dollars by significantly extending the life of the existing pavement. Pavement preservation of existing asphalt is an environmentally friendly alternative to new paving which has a negative effect on the environment by releasing pollutants caused by the making, transporting and installation of new material.

What Is Asphalt Rejuvenator ?

An asphalt rejuvenator is substance that penetrates asphalt and is designed to replace the lost maltenes, (the soft fraction of the asphalt binder) in the original asphalt pavement and restore the new-like qualities of viscosity, ductility, and bitumen content, that will significantly extend the service life of the pavement. Conditioning Pavement Rejuvenator, CPR™, is classified as both a Reactive Penetrant and a Reactive Species of 3-part blended chemicals, unlike conventional emulsions sealers or “so-called” asphalt rejuvenators. Some of the benefits are:

  • Replaces oils lost due to oxidation
  • Extends the useful durability life of the surface
  • Seals the pavement against contaminants
  • Restores the flexibility of aged asphalt
  • Revitalizes the asphalt binder

Asphalt Rejuvenator Service Life

PRT-Group offers an alternative to emulsion sealers, a premium Liquid Asphalt Rejuvenator Sealer which only needs to be reapplied every 4-6 years. Installation is by high production, computer controlled equipment which results in a more accurate and even application. Since this rejuvenation product needs to be applied less frequently, its actual cost can be lower when broken down over the longer term.

Asphalt Product Applications

In addition to rejuvenation and the cost savings, fewer applications also result in less disruption to your residents or customers. An Asphalt Rejuvenator is best suited for use on new overlays or pavements that have not been seal coated. This product is a penetrant not a surface coating. The asphalt rejuvenator penetrates into the recycled asphalt pavement ( RAP ) to chemically plasticize or rejuvenate the asphalt binder to improve pavement performance, condition and reduce costly future cracking and repairs.

Asphalt rejuvenators are ideal for use on airports, condominium properties, office buildings, shopping centers, hospitals, etc. Discover how you can become a pavement rejuvenation contractor dealer today!

The Value of Your Asphalt Pavement

The price of all petroleum products like gasoline, heating oils and paving asphalt, have risen dramatically over the years. Your asphalt pavement is now more valuable and more expensive to replace. There have been numerous studies done to show that a properly implemented rejuvenation program extends service life of your pavement and is three times more cost effective.

Why Asphalt Pavements Deteriorate

Asphalt deterioration is a chemical as well as a physical process. Oxidation causes the pavement binder to become hard and brittle. Deterioration of the asphalt binder that holds the aggregate together is the real problem. If proper maintenance is not implemented, the high cost of repaving or reconstruction is certain.

How to Stop Pavement Deterioration

If oxidative hardening can be chemically reversed, the life of the pavement will be extended 2-3 times its current life. An asphalt Rejuvenator chemically treats the asphalt binder. Rejuvenators reverse oxidative hardening and extend the performance life of the pavement; thus, decreasing your asphalt maintenance and paving costs.

Rejuvenator is a Penetrate

CPR is NOT a sealer, seal coat, surface seal or coating. There are many of these products on the market today. Some have been around for 40 years and are less effective now due to changes in raw materials. Some are too costly; some are ineffective and do not provide true value. Using the right product rejuvenators for your roads, lots and drives at the time when it can be most effective is the key.

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