CPR™ Asphalt Pavement Rejuvenator

Extends The Life of Your Pavement & Penetrates The Surface To Restore Asphalts Vital Oils

Why Choose Pavement Rejuvenation

Asphalt aging is a FACT. The expansion & contraction process caused by heating and cooling, along with the sun’s ultra violet rays, and other factors cause your asphalt to become dry and brittle.

You need to take care of your investment and mitigate the aging and deterioration process now! Conventional methods only make the problem worse, but there is an answer…

CPR™ Rejuvenation

One Step Process

Our easy to implement one-step application process means less time on the job and less labor cost. This saves you money.

Environmental Impact

CPR™ penetrates the pavement & revitalizes the asphalt binder. 95% of the product remains in the pavement compared to surface coat methods.

Perfect Mix

CPR™ is a 3 part rejuvenator that provides the highest manufacturing standards. There are no sand, water or additives which means no mixing or mix design issues.

Weather Tolerance

The product is less sensitive to weather conditions and temperatures which allows you to apply CPR™ on days unsuitable for other “sealer” products.

Superior Outcome

CPR™ penetrates to improve the condition of the pavement, because CPR™ is in the pavement, not on the surface.


CPR™ meets or exceeds required standards by the Federal Aviation Administration, U.S. Army Corp. of Engineers and many other state and local agencies.

What Is CPR™

Conditioning Pavement Rejuvenator (CPR™) is a chemical rejuvenator for asphalt that uses a one-step process. CPR™ penetrates the pavement and revitalizes the blacktop while providing an attractive, fuel resistant black finish. The product is warranted to not crack, chip, or peel like traditional coal/tar asphalt emulsions.

Who Uses CPR™ ?

Company Members of the PRT-Group have applied millions of square yards of CPR™ to projects for companies including Volkswagen, Unisys, Ikea, Chubb Insurance, NASA, FAA air ports, US Air Force, and the US Army.  CPR™ is also perfectly suited for HOA’s, condominiums, apartments, shopping centers, office parks and other paved areas.

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Call Today For Your Free Estimate or Consultation: 484-557-0353

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