Application of Asphalt Rejuvenator

CPR™ Rejuvenator needs only one coat and the application rate is one third that of an emulsion sealer. There is no sand or additive required.

The Rejuvenator is also applied by high production machines capable of applying 20,000 to 30,000 square yards per day.

Rejuvenator is a product that requires much less material handling, and is much less labor intensive.

The most important thing is that Coal-Tar Rejuvenator is in a class unto itself. The three component Rejuvenator is a “Reactive Penetrant”, not a surface coating that wears off or washes away.

Rejuvenator is in the pavement, not on it. Rejuvenator reacts with the asphalt in the blacktop mix, penetrating to a depth of 3/8 to 1/2 an inch deep. Rejuvenator leaves the surface black in color, and protects the pavement for 4 to 6 years, lending itself to a two year warranty.

Installation is by high production, computer controlled equipment which results in a more accurate and even application.

The DESCO D-200 Distributor is a machine designed specifically for applying asphalt rejuvenator/sealer material.

It is a precision spraying machine that will apply material to large areas of asphalt paving quickly, precisely, and economically.


DESCO D-200 Specifications

  • The D-200 has a 200 gallon material tank which will cover up to 4,000 square yards. The tank has a sealed hatch and a port for heating the material.
  • The D-200 is powered by a 25 horsepower air cooled engine driving a hydro-transmission pump and a constant pressure auxiliary hydraulic pump. The maximum ground speed is 8 mph.
  • The D-200 has a fully enclosed spray bar with 10 spray tips that cover a 2 1/3 yard wide swath with each pass. The spray tips are arranged to provide “double overlap” coverage for extremely uniform material application. The spray bar manifold is split with 6 spray tips on the left side and 4 spray tips on the right side. This feature allows spraying with either 4 tips or 6 tips if less than a full width is needed. Additionally, each spray tip is equipped with a shut off valve to select even closer matching. The spray bar control is interlocked to permit spraying when the spray bar is in the “down” mode only.
  • The material pump on the D-200 is a positive displacement type driven by a variable speed hydraulic motor. The control console is equipped with a dial to select the material flow rate adjustable from 5 to 18 gallons per minute. There is also a digital display on the console to monitor the material flow rate.
  • The D-200’s direction and ground speed is controlled by a single foot pedal. There is a ground speed preset control on the console to select the desired spraying ground speed between 85 and 150 yards per minute. The ground speed preset is activated by fully depressing the foot pedal in the forward direction. There is a digital display on the console to monitor ground speed.
  • The D-200 is capable of applying material at any rate between 0.04 and 0.08 gallons per square yard. The chart on the left side of the control console aids in selecting the proper material flow rate for the desired ground speed.

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