Test results indicate that Rejuvenator/sealer will reverse the aging process by improving the physical properties of the asphalt pavement, without a major reduction of skid resistance. Test results also indicate the pavement will be protected from the damaging effects of fuel, oil, water, and chemicals.

Summary Of Test Data

  • VISCOSITY TEST #1: ASTM D 2172 (Core sample top 1/2 inch.)
    Result: Viscosity improvement of 77%
    Conclusion: Oxidation hardening is reversed.
  • VISCOSITY TEST #2: ASTM D 2172 (Core sample top 1/2 inch.)
    Result: Viscosity improvement of 82%
    Conclusion: The aging process is reversed.
  • VISCOSITY TEST #3: ASTM D 2172 (16 months after treatment) Result: Viscosity still shows 69% improvement Conclusion: Improvement is long term.
  • PENETRATION TEST: ASTM D 5 (16 months after treatment)
    Result: Improvement of 86%
    Conclusion: Durability & flexibility improved.
  • FUEL RESISTANCE TEST: ASTM D 2939 (Chemical resistance)
    Result: No effect from Gas or Jet “A” fuel
    Conclusion: Pavement is protected
  • FUEL TEST AT ONE YEAR: ASTM D 2939 (Modified test)
    Result: No effect from K-1 Kerosene
    Conclusion: Improvement is long term.
  • FRICTION (SKID) TEST: FAA/NASA (Tire Runway Friction Workshop) Result: Rejuvenator is above FAA minimum Conclusion: Does not require operational concerns. The average friction level lies above FAA maintenance planning standard.

Adirondack Enviromental Services

Performance of real-time air monitoring for volatile organic compounds (VOC).


Test on recovered asphalt. Absolute viscosity on one year treated.

Bituminous Technologies

Evaluation of CBRT-SO Treated Asphalt Pavement Vs Untreated Pavement.

Bituminous Lab 015336

Field fuel test on ten year old asphalt pavement after weathering.

Florida DOT Mat'l. Lab

Rejuvenator / Sealer improves viscosity by 77%. ASTM D-2172 core test.

FAA / NASA Evaluation

Evaluation of friction characteristics following application of rejuvenator.

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