Linda L. Mlacak has been named Vice President of Communication for Pavement Rejuvenation Technologies Group, Inc. , commonly known as the PRT-Group.

The PRT-Group is a national group of contractors / dealers using conditioning pavement rejuvenator (CPR) and equipment for asphalt maintenace industry.

The PRT Group’s primary function is assisting contractors / dealers through education, both online and job site training.

As an educator, teacher, and editor, Linda has always understood the importance of education and is capably introducing clients to our newest cutting-edge technologies. The most important factor os communicating the latest pavement preservation methods to contractors, property managers, and board members via email, verbal communication, and personal meetings.

Linda is an avid tennis player, coach, and family educational mentor.


Linda L. Mlacak is the Vice President of Communications of PRT-GROUP. The PRT-Group is an international organization of qualified dealer/applicators specializing in the use of the latest technology for the chemical rejuvenation of asphalt pavements. The PRT-GROUP was created to introduce a better technology, Asphalt Rejuvenator Treatment, to the market as a new and innovative approach to asphalt maintenance.