Cost-effectiveness is optimized when preventive maintenance treatments are applied early in the life of the pavement. A well-designed preventive maintenance program will preserve the pavement’s structure to enhance its performance, extend pavement life, and meet the needs and budgets for the property owners.

Although pavement maintenance is not a new concept, it is not as simple as it sounds. The way people think about their asphalt pavement necessitates being proactive and making a commitment to take care of one of their most valuable assets.

The newer approach: Rejuvenator was originally developed for the United States Air Force in the fifties for airfield pavements, and now CPR rejuvenator has been used commercially for over 40 years. CPR rejuvenator transforms an expense to an asset.  This investment in the property has been proven to save thousands of dollars by significantly extending the life of your pavement by as much as 200% to 300%. CPR rejuvenator is the right treatment for your asphalt pavement. CPR replaces the asphalt’s oils lost through oxidation.

CPR penetrates the surface 3/8 to ½ inch into the pavement, which improves the actual condition of the asphalt (see confirmed test data on the PRT-group website). CPR stops raveling and keeps the pavement flexible and provides superior fuel resistance. CPR has been extensively tested by the Army Corp. of engineers along with state agencies and the FAA. CPR meets the FAA’s latest P-632 specifications. CPR is used on airfield pavements worldwide as well as parking lots for commercial industries, shopping centers, office buildings, apartments, and condominiums.

Seal coating-right or wrong? It is not the intent here to discuss the strengths or weaknesses of emulsion (water base) seal coats. We are aware that some contractor know that more water used and less coats applied are against the manufacture’s specifications. Such procedures may significantly change the price to win the bid.  Keep in mind that all emulsion seal coats lay on the surface of your pavement and at some point, after    2-3 years, will be worn off and be washed down the drain!

Contractors: Would you like to offer your customers a better longer lasting product with increased value? Contact us at the for more information. Dealer territories are now available in Florida with no franchise fees.

By working together, and recognizing the importance of education for new technology, we will be doing our part to help save our resources and our environment. Rodger E Rowles Cell: 484-557-0353

Rodger Rowles

Rodger Rowles is the Founder and President of the PRT-GROUP. The PRT-Group is an international organization of qualified dealer/applicators specializing in the use of the latest technology for the chemical rejuvenation of asphalt pavements. The PRT-GROUP was created to introduce a better technology, Asphalt Rejuvenator Treatment, to the market as a new and innovative approach to asphalt maintenance.