The PRT-Group and our certified list of contractor dealers are committed to provide owners, HOA’s and managers the most economical and effective process to protect and extend the life of asphalt pavements.

Welcome back friends and neighbors. While you were away this summer, the sun was baking the life out of your asphalt pavements. The sun was 90 plus degrees for over 90 days, resulting in oxidation, the leading cause of asphalt deterioration.

You may have also noticed on your trip back to our wonderful state, the price of gas is up over 48%. What you need to know is the price of paving asphalt is tied to the east coast fuel index. All the trucks delivering paving asphalt use higher priced diesel fuel. These factors are turning your association’s roads and parking areas, an asset, into a liability. Over the past five years replacement cost have increased an average of 3% to 5%. This increase has significantly changed in just the first six months of 2021 which is now over 8% and projected to go even higher. Reserve studies, budgets, replacement costs or the sticker shock of your latest paving bid has now become the topic of everyone’s conversation.

Your HOA board and property managers are now looking at the asphalt paving that may be showing signs of deterioration. Your association should be thinking of a serious increase in reserves and start a cost effective asphalt maintenance program to extend the life of the pavements. This will give more time to accumulate additional reserve funds. The first thought may be “get a price for seal coating”, this could be the least economical decision!

A well-designed asphalt maintenance program using the right product at the right time, is the key to giving your association the best return on investment. You now have numerous choices to consider. One is emulsion seal coats, which only coat the surface and provide short term protection and sometime even shorter aesthetics. There are hard resurfacing products that have longer wear life and aesthetics however, they are costly and are recommended for pavements 2 to 3 years old. There is also another product that you can apply when the paving is being placed, that you just can’t see at all.

The bottom line is that asphalt deterioration is a chemical as well as a physical process. Asphalt distresses occur because the asphalt cement (glue) that binds the pavement together ages (hardens) with time due to the oxidation process. The PRT-Group offers chemical rejuvenation. This process penetrates the pavement and reverses oxidation. CPR rejuvenator has been proven to extend the pavement life by five years with each application.

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